Sony FX30, a Camera for Beginner Filmmakers with Cinematic Videography Features

On October 21, 2022, Sony Indonesia presents a camera called FX30. This camera series is the Cinema Line series, Sony’s compact 4K Super 35 camera series. This camera is presented to meet the demand of consumers who need a camera with cinematic video capabilities but priced at a more affordable price.

Therefore, this camera is intended specifically for the filmmaker beginner, videographer, and contentcreators.

As said by Koji Sekiguchi, as President Director of PT Sony Indonesia. When the Caris Signal team attended the launch event, he said that Sony Indonesia always listens to consumer input about products that meet their needs.

Therefore, PT Sony Indonesia presents products that can support consumer creativity in the classroom entry level for the Cinema Line series. The presence of this camera is expected to be used to hone user skills and produce amazing work.

For this reason, the Sony FX30 camera can be an attractive alternative for creators. In addition, Sony also presents a variant of the FX30 called FX30B

FX30 Essential Features

There are several important features of the FX30 which are quite interesting to learn about. This article will also explain the specifications of the FX30. Here’s an explanation.

1. Cinematic View Feature

sony fx30

The FX30 offers cinematic expression with a brand new imaging system for gamers filmmaker. This camera is equipped with an APS-C Exmor R™ CMOS sensor (Super 35 format) back-illuminated The latest 20.1 megapixel with dual base ISO (800/2500) to provide high sensitivity, noise low and latitude 14+ stops.

FX30 supports a wide range codec video recording. This camera can record 4K Super 35 (16:9) by doing oversampling from 6K to 60fps.

The FX30 is also equipped with the ability to record in speed frames high, including 4K at 120fps and full HD at 240fps. Both 16:9 recording modes can record at 10-beet 4:2:2, while the HDMI Type-A connector can be used to output 4K, 16-beet RAW to an external recorder.

Like the rest of the Cinema Line, the FX30 has a Log shooting mode by enabling Cine El, Cine El Quick, and Flexible ISO modes for recording with the S-Log3 gamma curve allowing more flexibility when shooting. color grading.

All three of these modes allow for on-the-fly video recording monitoring with the appropriate LUT for viewing previews final image results. Additionally, the FX30 comes with built-in cinematic viewing options, such as the Sony S-Cinetone™ and can perform single photo capture.

This camera offers advanced image processing capabilities with the BIONZ XR processing engine for natural gradations and realistic color reproduction.

2. Reliable Autofocus Feature to Support Creator’s Needs

sony fx30

As a camera for cinematics, of course the FX30 has a cool autofocus feature. Moreover, the autofocus feature can be adjusted easily by creators with various modes such as,

  • Real-time Eye AF (human, animal or bird)
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Detailed AF settings
  • AF Assist

Creators also have more control when using the Focus Map, which makes it easier to visualize depth of field, as well as Breathing Compensation which offers a stable perspective when focusing. This camera also has effective stabilization for recording run and guns use Active Mode thanks to the built-in 5-axis and sync time codes.

The FX30 camera incorporates other features that maintain the Cinema Line’s strengths, such as:

  • New main menu screen list-styles which can be customized, which can provide quick access to items frequently used
  • Movie screen standby which gives an unobstructed view of the subject
  • and button dial dedicated to filmmaking

The FX30 also has additional functionality to aid creative workflows, such as post-production editing using embedded LUTs and EI metadata. This metadata is available using the latest version of the Catalyst Prepare or Catalyst Browse applications from Sony. The new “Catalyst Prepare Plugin” for Adobe Premiere Pro has been released in August 2022.

3. Easy Operation and Compact Form Factor

sony fx30

The FX30 is a compact and lightweight camera, by design flat top with accessory mounting points. This makes it easy for creators to shoot by hand or handheldsshooting from a low angle, mounting on a gimbal, or adding accessories.

The FX30 is also equipped with an XLR grip unit, which can be used for shooting from low angles as well as for capturing clear audio over a wide range of images. inputs audio, including two inputs XLR audio and mini jack 3.5mm stereo for 4-channel recording.

External microphones can be connected directly to the camera via the Multi Interface Shoe and jack microphone. The FX30 camera also has a microphone stereo internal for audio recording.

The FX30 and FX30B have two memory card slots that are compatible with CFexpress Type A cards and SDXC/SDHC cards, bringing creators a seamless shooting experience.

The FX30 not only offers high performance, but also great reliability. The camera is equipped with an innovative heat dissipation structure for uninterrupted 4K/60p recording. This gives the camera reliable power for longer recording and a durable magnesium alloy chassis.

This camera also has a full selection of E-mount lenses, high-performance microphones and other key components that can form an incredibly flexible system for a variety of creators’ creative needs.

Pricing and Availability

sony fx30

The FX30 and FX30B will be available in Indonesia in November 2022 at IDR 33,999,000 for the FX30 and IDR 27,999,000 for the FX30B. The FX30 also supports ultimate creative freedom and comes with the option to purchase with or without the XLR grip. Interested in using this camera from Sony?

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