Prolink GM-2001 Review, Rp. 100,000 Wireless Mouse with Interesting Features

For me personally, the mouse is more fun to used compared sat sets sat sets using a touchpad. You could say, because I grew up with PC devices, navigation using a mouse is ingrained.

Even if I use the laptop that I claim to have touchpad which is good, still I often use the mouse to navigate.

For that reason, I use a mouse that can be said to be quite comfortable. The official price tag is usually close to Rp. 200,000 or under Rp. 200,000.

However, there is a mouse that turns out to be in the range of Rp. 150,000. The mouse is Prolink GM-2001. The full name is Prolink GM-2001 MACA Wireless Mouse. The mouse comes directly from Prolink to the Caris signal team.

rolink GM-2001 MACA Wireless Mouse

Oh yeah, even though this is a product sent from Prolink, I represent the Caris Signal team, confirming that in this review I try to remain objective in reviewing this product based on personal experience.

From the name it is clear that this product is from the Prolink brand. This brand is well-known as a manufacturer that produces IT and computer support accessories. You can find Prolink products on various devices such as routers, WiFi extenders, keyboards, mice, USB cables, up to UPS. You can find out more information about various Prolink products on the official website,

In fact, Prolink has smart LED lighting products at affordable prices such as The DS-3601 Smart Bulb that has been reviewed by our Caris signal team.

Now, there is a mouse product from Prolink which I personally think is quite interesting. Moreover, I have been using this product for more than a week. For this reason, this time I will discuss a review or review of the Prolink GM-2001 MACA Wireless Mouse.

Even if it’s not considered a review, let’s just say that these are various experiences regarding the experience of using the Prolink GM-2001.

Prolink GM2001 Specifications MACA Wireless Mouse

Prolink GM-2001 MACA Wireless Mouse
  • Dimensions: 110.5 x 58.15 x 29.46 mm
  • Heavy: 5 grams (product only)
  • Interfaces: USB Receiver
  • Button: 4
  • sensors: Optical Technology
  • dpi: 800/1200/1600 DPI
  • Reach: Up to 10 meters (open space without obstructions)

Packaging Box

rolink GM-2001 MACA Wireless Mouse

Even if it’s not considered a review, consider it as a variety of experiences regarding the experience of using the Prolink GM-2001, which comes in a relatively standard form of packaging. The package is wrapped in plastic with some paper inside. The paper consists of product information and a warranty card. Nothing too special in this sector.

Design Prolink GM-2001

Mouse PROLINK GM2001

By design, the Prolink GM-2001 offers a very minimalist design but with beautiful color accents. The color choices available are also classified as contemporary colors that can be adjusted to taste. For example, people who need a mouse to function regardless of color, can choose Simply White or white and Ebony Black or black.

For you that fashionable or if you really like something more colorful, there are Baby Blue, Puff Pink, and Sage Green color choices. Interestingly, all three come with a touch of blue, pink and green which are not too flashy, aka they look like pastel colors. Prolink’s choice of colors is called Versatile Colors.

Prolink GM-2001 MACA Wireless Mouse

The colorful choices in this mouse are combined with the relatively thin Mouse design. Its height is only 29 mm. This makes Prolink GM-2001 feel very light when used in hand.

I personally am not used to a rather short or skinny mouse. Considering that my hands are rather big, I need to get used to the shape of a thin mouse like the Prolink GM-2001. The adaptation process is not that long. On the second day of use I was used to this thin design.

Oh yeah, the thin design of this mouse is wrapped in plastic that doesn’t look cheap. The texture of the click section is pretty good when doing the right click and left click process.

While the scroll part is also quite good. Made of rubber and white in color, the scroll on this mouse is classy and doesn’t seem stiff or a bit stuck. At least for a week of this use.

Mouse PROLINK GM2001

The top of the right click and left click or the top of the mouse can actually be lifted. You can lift it with one hand from the back, close to the Prolink logo. If from the side it will be difficult to open. When opened for the first time, there is one AA type battery in it complete with a USB receiver.

Mouse PROLINK GM2001

There are two interesting things from here. First, the use of one AA type battery deserves thumbs up. The reason is, there are still some wireless mice that still rely on two types of AA batteries.

Second, the position of the battery and USB storage is usually at the bottom of the mouse. The placement above is interesting because it makes the Prolink GM-2001 seem different. The placement of this position also makes the shape of the mouse have a thinner design.

Meanwhile, on the back of the Prolink GM-2001 mouse, there is a mouse sensor. Next to it is the on-off button and below it is the DPI button. The explanation of this question will be explained in the features section.

Features and Experience Using Prolink GM-2001

Prolink GM-2001 MACA Wireless Mouse

Prolink GM-2001 has several interesting features and is considered acceptable for its price class. One of the features offered is clearly a matter of longer battery life. Features that are common and many mouse manufacturers claim about their products. Which is reasonable of course.

I’m not going to talk about battery life because a few weeks of use won’t be relevant. Generally, mouse batteries can last up to 6 months or a year. Depends on various factors.

Explanation of the features of this mouse I explain below. Of course, an explanation of this feature is accompanied by my opinion after using the Prolink GM-2001.

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